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"Without the breath of the tiger there will be no wind, only clouds, and certainly no rain." —The I Ching

Chinese Tigers need you NOW!

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The Environmental Intelligence Agency has captured on undercover film staff at two "safari parks" selling wine made from the crushed bones of tigers that died in captivity:

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***Tell China to enforce more laws to protect Chinese tigers and to ban tiger parts trade.

We the undersigned petition the Chinese government to protect the tigers and to make the selling of Tiger parts : bones, meat, penises and other products, such as Tiger bone pills, capsules and wine illegal.

Letter to send :

Dear President Hu Jintao,

Your country banned the international trade in tiger bones and related products in 1993, and is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which also bars such trade.
But such transactions continue to exist as many tiger parts, such as penises and bones, are commonly believed to increase sexual potency or cure certain illnesses.

Leaders of the global traditional Chinese medicine industry have said that they do not need tiger products and would actually prefer to use alternatives.

Also, alternative, legal industries could potentially take the place of the tiger parts industry.

The WFCMS said the use of endangered species negatively affects the image of traditional Chinese medicine in the international community, and they're urging their members not to use tiger bone or any other parts from endangered wildlife.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, it may already be too late for the South China tiger.

Some stabilizing efforts have given hope to the northeast tigers, but even that number is disturbingly low.And In the rest of the country, there are at most 50 tigers left .

These majestic cats are threatened by a shrinking habitat and poachers who continue selling their bodies for use in traditional Chinese medicine, meat, wine, rugs, and coats.

This underground business can no longer continue.
Unfortunately, a lack of strong, consistent enforcement negates efforts to protect the tigers, such as the law banning the use of tiger parts in medicine.

I urge you make the vital decision to uphold China's ban on the tiger product trade in order to protect wild tigers from extinction.

Wildlife organizations are also calling for a reduction in commercial captive breeding operations.
Tiger farms encourage the illegal trade by funneling tiger products into the black market. Captive-bred tigers lack fear of other tigers and humans, making them easy targets for poachers
They're also notoriously cruel operations.
In Guilin, more than 1000 tigers live in very sad conditions : in those farms, tigers crammed several to one small cage, others live in concrete enclosures with only a slit window for exposure to the outdoors, many are starving.
It's not worth it for the farm owners to invest in the tigers' basic needs, like food or vet care, because they're worth more dead than alive. By letting them die slow deaths, they can slip into a loophole in Chinese law that allows the sale of parts from tigers that have died "naturally" in captivity.

International animal protection groups strongly disapprove tiger farming and tiger slaughters in China as do many tourists .
They would be shocked to know that those cruel practices still exist in .

The wild tiger population must be preserved because it cannot be replaced.

It is why during summer 2009 , all 171 countries represented at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Conference (CITES) agreed that the tiger trade should be banned.

In the Year of the TIger China’s tigers need your help.

Take a firm stance on the dwindling tiger population, and create and enforce more laws to protect Chinese tigers.

I sincerely hope you will do everything in your power to ban tiger farms and the tigers parts trade.

Please join the world effort to protect wild tigers from extinction and uphold the ban on the trade of tiger products.


TO : His Excellency, Hu Jintao,
President of the People's Republic of China
9 Xihuang-Chenggen Beijie • Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

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