PLS Urge Chiang Mai Zoo to stop plans to exhibit Polar bear

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polar bear




 the sub-standard conditions at the zoo and the tropical climate in Thailand  ARE  NOT suitable for the animal. By nature, polar bear travels long distance to hunt;.


This Polar Bear cannot be locked up in a 135-square meter space.!!


Chiang Mai Zoo :


Zoos continue to capture animals from the wild to put them on public display !!


A PETA investigation of numerous zoos across the country found several bear species exhibiting neurotic, stereotypic behaviors. These frustrated animals spend much of their time pacing, walking in tight circles, swaying or rolling their heads, and showing other signs of psychological distress. In some bear enclosures, paths worn by the bears’ constant pacing could be seen; in others, there were actual paw impressions in the soil where bears had repeatedly stepped in the exact same spot.


This behavior is symptomatic of not just boredom but also profound despondency







PLS write to the zoo :


 Chiang Mai Zoo 100 Huay Kaew Rd., Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand


and Sign this petition :


Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand is planning open a new exhibition with Polar bears and penguins. They have already started to build a new structure for this. They planned to finish the building by 2013, but after the protest last weekend, the ministry of natural resource and environment will have another board meeting to reconsider this topic this week.

This is our chance, for the international community to speak for the voiceless, to demand that under no circumstances should these exhibits go ahead. These are Antarctic animals and like all species have a right to freedom,to live in there own natural environment, not in a concrete prison in a tropical country.

The zoos argument is that the animals are already held in another zoo and the exhibits will be cooled by generators! The basic facts are that these animals at some point were caught in the wild, drugged, beaten and kept in constant fear and held as prisoners for money! Either way, this zoo wants to incarcerate yet more animals for the paying public’s entertainment, but they want to increase global warming as well!


Petition here :




A PETA investigation of numerous zoos across  countries,



Ultimately, endangered species will only be saved by preserving their habitats and combating the reasons they are killed by people. Instead of patronizing zoos, it is better to support groups like the International Primate Protection League, the Born Free Foundation, Earth Island Institute, and other groups that work to preserve habitats.


Never patronize zoos. The money spent on ticket purchases pays for animals to be imprisoned and traded, not rescued and rehabilitated.

If your local zoo solicits money from corporate donors and/or charitable organizations and foundations, write to the zoo’s sponsors and encourage them to put their money toward protecting animals in the wild instead.


Encourage local zoo to stop breeding animals, to pledge never to accept any animals captured from the wild, and to make space available for rescued exotic animals in need of a permanent home. Report poor conditions to the USDA, leaflet at the zoo, write letters to the editor, and pressure local officials to stop subsidizing zoos with taxpayer money



*** About Thailand and Animals use in Entertainment here :


Pls , if you like join this page




Urge the Thai Government to Pass the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill


Please contact Thai officials and ask them to pass the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill now. Animals deserve to be protected by the same legal system that we enjoy




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