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 Every year, in certain districts of Tamil Nadu, people chase and taunt bulls for fun in a cruel "game" called jallikattu.

During jallikattu events, large groups of men and boys throw themselves on top of a bull in an effort to "tame" him and grab a prize.

**Jallikattu is condemned by kind people in Tamil Nadu and across India because it causes bulls enormous suffering.

A recent PETA investigation of five jallikattu events documented that bulls were tied so tightly it caused the animals severe discomfort and pain. The bulls were then hit with fists, had their tails twisted and pulled, were jumped on and were wrestled to the ground.


Not only is jallikattu cruel to animals, it also poses a threat to public safety. In one four-day period in January 2011, 215 people sustained injuries during jallikattu events and two people died. Of those injured, 154 were spectators.


PETA India has filed a petition with the Supreme Court against the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a state law that permits jallikattu.


In the petition, the group points out that the cruel "game" of jallikattu violates the spirit of the national Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and causes numerous injuries and deaths every year to human participants and spectators.


Please help us by writing to the Ministry to Environment and Forests. Ask officials to support PETA India's position on jallikattu and to use its power to ban the cruel spectacle.


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and people call this a sport ??



ANIMALS  are sentient creatures, aware of themselves, others of their kind and other species, aware of sensations in their bodies, along with the capacity to experience negative and positive emotions, both pleasure   and sorrow,  stress and depressive disorders,

with  the ability to experience both a state of pain and that of wellbeing, capable of suffering both physically and psychologically.

These animals are sentient beings capable of feeling fear and pain just as you and I do, and when they are trapped in  these terrible games ,

they are desperate to escape.

Many form strong bonds, and the footage shows animals apparently trying to defend their companions from further suffering.

 These innocent beings suffer because human abuses .


PLS sign and speak for Animals .




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