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INDIA : stray dogs culled and buried at PERUMBAKKAM on friday and MORE: about the_ crocodile _snake _farms and the ZOO






  is 75 kms away from Kanchipuram


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  ***Feb 26, 2011,

A large number of stray dogs were culled and buried at *Perumbakkam village near Tambaram on Friday.


 * Animal activists said around 45 dogs were suspected to be culled after being administered lethal injections and buried at Jaya Nagar in Perumbakkam.


 Dawn Williams, residential general manager of Blue Cross,

  *** if you wish more infos concerning  their actions in CHENNAI about the dogs :


Chennai, told The Times Of India that he went to the spot on Friday after receiving calls about the incident from residents.


 "Initially they were forthcoming and helpful but later backtracked when the police arrived'' he said.


 He said the dogs were buried in a mass grave and fresh garbage thrown over it. "The carcass was decomposed and we suspect at least 45 dogs to have been culled and buried there'' Williams said.


Residents had noticed suspicious activity late on Thursday night and in the early hours on Friday and one of them saw the carcass and informed Blue Cross.

  "After receiving information we went there on Thursday evening and since there was no proper lighting we returned. However, again on Friday morning, we went to the spot and found carcass of dogs," Williams added


 Members of Blue Cross then decided to approach the police for help and registered a complaint at Pallikaranai police station.


A team of policemen accompanied

the Blue Cross members and in their presence, the carcasses were exhumed.


 Due to a large presence of stray dogs, staff of many local bodies in the suburbs choose to kill them.


"It is unfortunate that such a large number of dogs were killed.

  Last year, around 75 dogs were killed in Mowlivakkam near Poonamallee.

 The practice of catching dogs, culling and burying them is a violation of Supreme Court guidelines and punishable under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and also under Indian Penal Code, Williams said.


Read more: 45 stray dogs killed and buried in Tambaram village - The Times of India





***Feb 20, 2011

    Candlelight vigil to protest animal abuse


 As part of a nation-wide protest, nearly 50 people participated in a candlelight vigil on Saturday to raise awareness about a string of violent attacks against animals.


Posters created by citizens and volunteers from Blue Cross of India,

 Animal Welfare Board of India highlighted a recent killing of dogs in Lucknow. The event, organised by Dilip Muralidaran and Giresh Nair of Above and Beyond the Call of Dogs was held at Ampa Skywalk Mall. The participants also distributed pamphlets on animal rights and legal provisions to guide those who want to prevent such cruel acts.


 Read more: Candlelight vigil to protest animal abuse - The Times of India


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  3 : 

***Just 14 kms from Mamallapuram


there is a crocodile breeding center !


 At this center about 5000 crocodiles of 6 different species,alligators & other reptiles are bred in captivity, kept in open, marshy enclosures.


*There is also a snake farm :

   as written on the tourism board office :

The snake farm situated near the crocodile bank is a worth visiting place


""The Snake Park in Chennai gained statutory recognition as a medium zoo from the Central Zoo Authority in 1995.

 The Madras Snake Park is slated to become a nodal point


 for captive breeding of endangered pythons in the country,


especially the Indian rock python (Python Molorus)

and reticulated python (Python Reticulatus).


While at the Snake Park in Chennai, take note of the information furnished about different types of snakes and the common misconceptions surrounding them.

* A museum of preserved specimens of reptiles and amphibian's is an added attraction.

 In its endeavor to spread information about snakes, the Snake Park also published periodicals""


+++ a ZOO :

*Monkey species - Nilgiri Langur, the endangered lion-tailed Macaque, Babboon, Hanuman Langur and Leaf capped Langur.

  Wolf, Jackal, Hyena, llama and Otter.

  Higher carnivores like the tiger, lion, panther, jaguar

  Elephants, giraffes, deers and camels

  Star tortoises


  Tropical mammals, birds and reptiles.

A few exotic species like the Emu and Cassowary, which are flightless birds from Australia, attract attention. Other attractions in the zoo are:


  Infos and photos here :


Nocturnal animal house

  Safari Park

  A walk-through aviary

  Pre-historic animal park

  Reptile section

  Prey-Predator enclosures

  Zoo education and interpretation

  An aquarium.





dog massacres

the Crocodile Farm

the Snake Farm

the ZOO

*look at the addresses at the top of this article



  ***and if you have time :

you can look at all the ZOOS in INDIA

  The list of all the zoos in INDIA:></span











  Thanks to Our Compass  


To Whom It Concerns,

It has come to my attention that your community officials have proposed a decidedly cruel and exploitative manner to reduce “homeless” animal numbers. In efforts to curtail a stray population, you are challenging any security extended to animals as stipulated in the Animal Protection Act, and are instead recommending an immediate and public slaughter to address this issue, and I am asking that you cease such a barbaric plan.

Please allow me to elaborate. While all countries engage in animal production distinguishing animals as commodities rather than sentient beings, in response to international concerns relative to animal conditions and treatments, progressive governments are promoting greater visibility to preclude allegations of misconduct and brutality. Unfortunately, you are asking that the global audience apathetically regard this proposed killing as a necessary and logical solution. Addressing animals as targets of abuse, however, is inherently inhumane and barbaric given that it substantiates the precept of animals as products, speciesism, rather than fundamentally equal and deserving of compassion and lives free from exploitation and suffering. To aspire to such an a principled and equitable foundation should be the goal of all societies, and you should thus refuse participation in any event that incurs such cruelty on animals, and in this situation particularly cats and dogs who hold such international recognition, respect, and compassion.

Rather than choose complicity in the savage treatment of animals, your communities can avoid any potential global boycotts by observing compassion instead. This can be achieved by establishing and practicing humane animal welfare standards, including the immediate cessation of random and vicious poisonings, law enforcement freedom to investigate perpetrators of crimes against animals, strict penalties for those guilty of harming animals, and shelters for spaying, neutering, and medical purposes. Furthermore, I ask that you be willing to accept volunteer and international assistance, and to cultivate an ideal societal philosophy with regard to animals: one that acknowledges animals as sentient beings, like humans, and worthy of empathy, compassion, and respect.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

















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