25 rescued lions by ADI

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25 rescued lions, each with a story to tell


From their terrible lives with the circus, to the journey which brought them to safety

here : http://adirescuediary.com/


Operation Lion Ark has been by far the most ambitious and complex rescue operation we have ever undertaken.

Seizing 25 lions from 8 different circuses, spread over thousands of miles of Bolivian countryside in a matter of days is no small feat.  

And caring for the lions, nursing them back to health, has been a challenge in itself.


Each of the lions has their own story to tell – some, like poor Kiara, have spent their lives isolated in tiny cages, having never been around other lions; others, like ColoColo and Panchula, have obviously been the victims of severe violence and abuse. One lion, Campeon (pictured), was so deprived and neglected, that by the time our team brought him to the ADI compound we feared he would not make it through the night.

Our team in Bolivia has been working around the clock to help nurse these lions to recovery. And we have been uploading video diaries to adirescuediary.com as we go along, to share with you the highs and lows of the journeys of each of these 25 incredible survivors.

We want to share with you the stories of each of these lions: from the three eight-week old cubs paraded around for public photographs only weeks ago, to the elderly Kimba, who spent eleven years bricked up in a zoo after being dumped by a travelling circus.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos from Santa Cruz as we count down to the airlift which will bring these lions to freedom.

And we also hope you enjoy them enough to share them with your friends






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