Designer Jimmy Choo continues to use exotic skins in his works. Please take action to urge Mr CHOO to stop this trade

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Recent undercover footage obtained by Swiss TV station Schweizer Fernsehen :


shows snakes as they are skinned alive and crocodiles, alligators, and other reptiles as they are bludgeoned to death with hammers before their mutilated bodies are thrown onto a bloody pile.


 This investigation mimics the cruelty that we found in undercover investigations in Indonesia and the U.S., as seen in this brief PETA video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix here :




  1. Because of the inherent cruelty in the exotic-skins trade, a growing list of designers, including Stella McCartney and Marc Bower, have chosen to create wonderful works without supporting the trade.
  2.  And after receiving video footage from PETA, several companies, including Nike (and its affiliate Cole Haan), H&M, Victoria's Secret, and, also implemented policies banning the use of exotic-animal skins.




Despite knowing that animals suffer so severely in the exotic skins trade, designer Jimmy Choo


here :



continues to use exotic skins in his works.




Please click here:



 to urge Choo to exclude exotic skins from his collections.



 Thank you for all that you do to help animals.











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