Help to Stop animal sacrifices on Buddha’s birthday

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About BUDDHA 's Birthday :'s_Birthday


About the sacrifices for this day :

The Animal Welfare Network Nepal, an animal rights organization campaigning to stop animal and bird sacrifices in the name of religion, said communities once engaged as warriors had held clan worship in at least three places in Kathmandu Tuesday killing over 700 animals.

"Nepal in the past banned blood sacrifices on Buddha's birthday," said Pramada Shah, president of the network. "As a sign of respect to the Buddha's teachings and his followers, the government should re-introduce this decision. We urge the various clans to replace their annual rituals by vegetarian offerings."

The group said the warrior clans organised kul pujas - traditional worship by clans - in places such as Hatiban, Thankot and Lamatar, with each clan sacrificing around 100 goats. It estimated that over 700 animals were killed.

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General :

NEPAL : Animal sacrifices  are conducted in most goddess temples.


***Five types of animals, always male, are considered acceptable for sacrifice: WATER BUFFALO , GOATS, SHEEP, CHICKENS and DUCKS .


The total number of animals sacrifices annually is estimated to be
a few hundred thousand; most villages offer 250-1000 animals
during Dasain festival alone.

*Sacrifices are generally conducted in the presence of children.

*There is no law to regulate animal sacrifice.

*Annual sacrifices are shown life on national TV.

*Nepal's diverse multi-religious ethnic groups are all involved.

*Priests are among the promoters of animal sacrifice. 

and youhave important  abuse taking place in the transport and killing of the animals




Send letter  ( sample ) and addresses here :


*** For those Expats living here:

  1. Write to the Nepalese embassies, government, political parties and Nepalese media pressurizing for awareness raising and enactment of laws to stop animal sacrifices.  See sample on the site above .


  3. Talk to Nepalese living in your home country about animal sacrifice, and explain that it shows Nepal in a poor light.

  4. Organize peaceful protests and candle light vigils during Sacrifices

  5. ****For those just visiting Nepal:

  1. Do not join tour companies which practice animal sacrifice or take tourists to temples where animals are sacrificed.

  2. Do not witness sacrifices. Tourists taking photos of sacrifice rituals perpetuates the thought in Nepalese minds that this is an interesting Nepalese tradition.

  3. While in Nepal, tell the people you meet that you don't like animals being sacrificed and that it shows Nepal in very poor light.

  4. In your own country, when you meet any Nepalese, ask them what they are doing to stop animal sacrifices in Nepal.

  5. Write to the Nepalese embassies, government, political parties and the Nepalese media and  pressure them for awareness-raising media campaigns, and to enact of laws to stop animal sacrifices.

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 Petitions to sign :


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