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  • Help to end suffering of bulls in Nimes:English_Français

    18 décembre 2010 ( #PETITIONS )

    CONTRE LA CORRIDA :: Action à prendre et à partager : Site En Anglais, Espagnol, Français :qui explique particulièrement bien ce qui se passe à Nimes et dans les autres villes françaises, au sujet de la Corrida : Nimes : Anti Corrida March 2010 :

  • Ban on trade with DOWN from cruel LIVE feather PLUCKING

    18 décembre 2010 ( #PETITIONS )

    Thanks to Joanna Outdoor Brand Patagonia: Down from live feather plucking FOUR PAWS calls for an immediate ban on trade with down from cruel live feather plucking Stop Patagonia...

  • Ban Horse Drawn CARRIAGES everywhere!

    19 décembre 2010 ( #Horse Drawn Carriage ) A horse should not be forced to work between the shafts of his carriage for many hours per day, with a metal bit...

  • Again the human Stupidity : the most expensive animals

    27 décembre 2010 ( #PETITIONS )

    Stupidity , ignorance and cruelty have no limits !!!! or look at this disturbing article : Why puting a price on these animals ? for sale ? for auctionS? needs to eventually promote unhealthy and disgusting needs ? In an other way : How can people offer...

  • Horse Drawn Carriage now :

    27 décembre 2010 ( #Horse Drawn Carriage )

    From : *** WHAT WILL 2011 BRING? I cannot see into the future and I do not like to predict things. Last year at this time, a well known psychic predicted an end to the carriage trade. From her mouth to God's ears - but it did not happen....

  • URGENT : Actions to take against The Siddharth ZOO in INDIA

    28 décembre 2010 ( #INDIA _PAKISTAN )

    I have just finished to read this article about this horrible place : PLS TAKE ACTION AND SHARE FAR AND WIDE ! ""Animals at a zoo in India were deliberately deprived of food for two days because...

  • Action to take :Gap, Wrangler, Abercrombie ect..AND here the facts :

    28 décembre 2010 ( #Human Rights )

    DHAKA: A fire at a multi-storey garment factory near the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, killed and injured many people on Tuesday. As per latest report 25 people have died and more than 100 injured. Earlier 50 people with serious burn injuries were taken...

  • Des vêtements pour chiens en peau de chat et de chien aussi!!!

    28 décembre 2010 ( #PETITIONS ) Des milliers d’articles fabriqués à partir de peaux de chats et de chiens sont proposés sur le site de vente en ligne Taobao

  • Help to stop the Seal Hunt : Canada Shame !!

    31 décembre 2010 ( #PETITIONS )

    *** Canada is dismissive of the international opposition to the cruel seal hunt – the largest and most barbaric marine mammal slaughter on the planet. Video : Each year,...

  • Les Animaux : êtres sensibles ou comestibles ? Le débat

    02 janvier 2011 ( #VEGANISM )

    Je vous invite à lire le Télérama N°3181 du 1er au 7 janvier qui publie un article de Nathalie CROM, dans la catégorie Débat : " Les animaux : êtres sensibles ou comestibles ? " , un entretien entre Jonathan Safran Foer

  • Fish are not food ! Take the pledge!

    02 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Many people have never stopped to think about it, but fish are smart, interesting animals with their own unique personalities. Studies have shown that fish are smart, that they have impressive long-term memories and sophisticated social structures and...

  • Help Stop Cruel Elephant Rides‏ in Santa Ana_US

    04 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    PETA Alert Thank you again for e-mailing Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and members of the City Council about elephant rides at the city's zoo. However, the elephants still need...

  • Stop Application to Build the Largest Dairy Factory Farm in the UK‏

    04 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Nocton Dairies Ltd has resubmitted its application to build a huge industrial factory farm. Despite a reduction in the number of cows from the 8,100 indicated...

  • VIDEO REPORT FROM TAIJI and online petition to sign

    06 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Posted By: Fonda Berosini To: Members in "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins VIDEO REPORT FROM TAIJI: Cove supporters hit the ground running in 2011! As you may know, volunteers from Save Japan Dolphins and several other nonprofit groups have had volunteers...

  • Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves on Federal Wildlife Refuge / petitions to sign

    06 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Protect Alaskan wolves from inhumane aerial slaughter. From : The state of Alaska is continuing its war on wildlife -- by trying to kill wolves from helicopters. Remote Unimak Island, in Alaska's...

  • Pakistan and ASIA BIBI

    06 janvier 2011 ( #Human Rights )

    CNN Christian Asia Bibi faces death (blasphemy, 5:51) envoyé par Stephanie_Woo. - L'info video en direct. . January 6 : About Asia BIBI last news From : LAHORE, PAKISTAN —The governor of Pakistan’s Punjab’s...

  • Urgent: Bison Slaughter

    08 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    About Bison : French / Français: Message From : Here the message : A tragic slaughter nearly wiped them out more than a century...

  • The fate of the animals in Thailand

    13 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    The fate of the animals in Thailand will be determined in a matter of few weeks. Please immediately ask President Chai Chidchob to push for the National Assembly to pass the first law against cruelty to animals in Thailand by adding your signature to...

  • I would like to share this : Born into Brothels

    23 janvier 2011 ( #Human Rights )

    Prostitution in India : Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids is a 2004 American documentary film about the children of prostitutes in Sonagachi , Kolkata 's red light district . The widely acclaimed...

  • PLS Take Action – Belo Monte Dam Approved‏

    28 janvier 2011 ( #AMAZONIA PROTECTION )

    from : Brent Millikan Amazon Program Director and : Yesterday morning, the...

  • Tell Samsonite that you don't want bloody suitcase!!

    28 janvier 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Ask Samsonite to stop glorifying bullfighting ! From : * Luggage company Samsonite has been widely criticised by the League for glorifying bullfighting in an advert to sell a four-wheeled suitcase. The advert which stars matador...

  • Egypt 01/30/2011 = Actions to take :

    30 janvier 2011 ( #Human Rights ) 1 : Amnesty Int The crackdown on freedoms is intensifying across Egypt as security forces use tear gas, water cannons, live rounds and lethal force against protesters Thirty years...

  • Rabbits during Chinese New Year : a misery ! and not only:

    04 février 2011 ( #Coup de gueule ! )

    Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. But for the millions of individual rabbits , this new year is symbolic of cruelty and abuse few e xamples : Misery of online trade in rabbits...

  • Abused Cats :Use Facebook to convince PCMC to stop it Now!‏

    07 février 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Message@Justin Goodman Associate Director Laboratory Investigations Department / People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Last week, an e-mail was sent by PETA asking that people contact officials at Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC) and urge...

  • Valentine's Day ♥♥♥

    10 février 2011 ( #Valentine 's Day )

    Hi ! Everyone , today i share all these links ♥ for Valentine' Day♥ for your Valentine 's Day ♥ ♥♥♥ Every day should be a Ventine's day ... ♥♥♥ Try to make this special day unforgettable , for that you have your own recipe .. If you have a good vegan...

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