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  • Fish Are Not Ornaments!

    14 avril 2011 ( #Animaux de Compagnie-Our Companions )

    Fragile tropical fish, who were born to dwell in the majestic seas and forage among brilliantly colored coral reefs, suffer miserably when forced to spend their lives in glass aquariums. The same is true of river fish. Robbed of their natural habitats...

  • Vegan Easter

    14 avril 2011 ( #RECIPES ♥ )

    EASTER : From PETA : *** EASTER Brunch Recipes the days of eating a basket full of candy for breakfast have come and gone. On Easter morning, I'll have a piece or two of vegan candy , but after that, I'll indulge in...


    18 avril 2011 ( #THAILAND )

    Dear friends So many times we have signed petitions, sent letters, taken actions against animals abuses in Thailand . the list is sadly too long and it is not finish . About CHATAWAK market /Weekend Market : videos and Actions to take :

  • PLS Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation STOP Cruel 'Fish Out'

    20 avril 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Cruel ""Fish Out"" from """THE TROUT HAVE MIGRATED TO TALL OAKS THIS YEAR TALL OAKS Pool Fish Out Begins Friday April...

  • Happy Easter ♥

    22 avril 2011 ( #RECIPES ♥ )

    And : Here are some Easter Recipes brunch menu suggestions to help you create a savory and sweet holiday meals that everyone can enjoy :))♥ ***Recipes here

  • Thailand and Animals : Actions to take _Thanks to Joanna _

    22 avril 2011 ( #THAILAND )

    And And only two of so many videos about Animals used /abused for Entertainment ..... Please read ( watch the videos ) this important Joanna Kara 's note and take actions : here : Thailand - Land of "Smiles" and Animal Cruelty Protest Animal Cruelty -...

  • Actions against the MARSHALL UK BEAGLE Factory

    27 avril 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    VERY URGENT Deadline is the 2nd May 2 ACTIONS to take Background : URGENT: OPPOSE THE MARSHALL UK BEAGLE FACTORY New York-based Marshall Farms *Thanks to @Karen...

  • May 1 st / 1 er mai

    30 avril 2011 ( #PROTECTION de l'environnement )

    I wish you everyone a beautiful day ♥ Thanks to read about Lily of the Valley at the end of this article Un joyeux premier Mai à tous ♥ Merci de lire les infos liées au muguet à la fin de cet article . May Day occurs on May 1 and refers to several public...

  • Water for Elephants : about the film .

    02 mai 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    I am not going to see Water for Elephants ! Why supporting Elephant exploitations even you are crazy for Robert Pattinson ? Background : The FILM : ***Robert Pattinson,...

  • 2011 mai et juin =Veggie Pride informations :FRANCE /ITALY

    03 mai 2011 ( #VEGANISM )

    The Veggie Pride organisers are pleased to announce that this year the Veggie Pride will take place on Saturday 21 May in Marseille (France), on Saturday 11 June in Paris (France) and on Saturday 18 June in Milan (Italy). We will march and raise our voices...

  • From Breeding Sheds to Slaughterhouses‏ and 5 petitions

    04 mai 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    I share this Alert from PETA This beautiful thoroughbred mare is Coming Home. When she was born in 2005, her owners must have hoped that she would be as fleet-footed as her grandfather, Kentucky Derby winner Unbridled, or her cousin Eight Belles. But...

  • Global week of actions against Air France-KLM: 27 May - 3 June

    21 mai 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    We support this Action and this Cause In English / En Français ... and letters to send ( in English, French, Italian ) Every action and every activist is important to this campaign, and with your support we will continue to pressure Air France-KLM until...

  • Help to Stop animal sacrifices on Buddha’s birthday

    24 mai 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    NEPAL : About BUDDHA 's Birthday :'s_Birthday About the sacrifices for this day : The Animal Welfare Network Nepal, an animal rights organization...

  • Actions to take ! against fighting and killing a lion for boosting TOURISM

    28 mai 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    I share This VIRTUAL Facebook event, a page is against the Egyptian who wants fighting and killing a LION to attract tourism on JUNE 25. PLS join the Event here this event shares all the Actions to...

  • Primates Suffer in Cargo Transport_ PLS take action !

    18 juin 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    From NEAVS Airlines transport primates packed into small wooden crates to research facilities worldwide, including to the U.S. Some die in transport because of the deplorable conditions of being shipped as cargo. Others endure and survive only to reach...

  • Please Help Shut Down Guzoo Animal Farm / Canada

    18 juin 2011 ( #PETITIONS )

    Please Help Shut Down Notorious "GuZoo Animal Farm" In Canada From IDA The controversial GuZoo Animal Farm in Alberta, Canada, has long been a source of great concern because of terrible conditions, including small filthy cages and failure to provide...

  • PLS Urge Chiang Mai Zoo to stop plans to exhibit Polar bear

    22 juin 2011 ( #THAILAND )

    the sub-standard conditions at the zoo and the tropical climate in Thailand ARE NOT suitable for the animal. By nature, polar bear travels long distance to hunt;. This Polar Bear cannot be locked up in a 135-square meter space.!! Chiang Mai Zoo :

  • Urgent: Help Ban Jallikattu in INDIA

    30 juin 2011 ( #INDIA _PAKISTAN )

    Background : India : JALLIKATTU Alert : PETA India More photos here Every year, in certain districts of Tamil Nadu, people chase and...

  • Zookeeper ? I boycott !

    30 juin 2011 ( #Coup de gueule ! )

    Join me in boycotting the Film "ZOOKEEPER ! PETA is asking its members and supporters to boycott the new Kevin James film, Zookeeper, which will be released on July 6. The film features a number of captive wild animals, including an elephant, a lion,...

  • Heroes Dogs from 9/11_Ces chiens ,heros survivants du 9/11

    12 novembre 2011 ( #Animaux de Compagnie-Our Companions )

    I share with you this wonderful article from : By Anna Edwards courtesy Photos and Article @Dailymail

  • Happy Christmas♥

    24 décembre 2010 HAPPY CHRISTMAS♥ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•* ¨*•♫♪•.¸Happy Holidays♥¸.•´¯`•.♥Joyeuses Fêtes!♥•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•.♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪С праздником♥καλές...

  • Bonne Année !!!!Happy New Year!!!

    31 décembre 2010

    ღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ Happy New Year ♥ ღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ ღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ Bonne Année ღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ С Новым Годом (S novim godom)ღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ feliz ano novoღ`*☆.¸`*☆.¸¸♥¸¸.☆*´¸.☆*´ ★[ felice anno...


    23 mai 2010 ( #NO FUR FOR ME ! )

    CARLA BRUNI-SARKOZY DÉCLARE QU'ELLE NE PORTE JAMAIS DE FOURRURE Paris – En réponse à une lettre de PETA, la première dame de France annonce qu'elle ne porte jamais de vraie fourrure. « Je ne porte, ni achète, ni possède de fourrure » a écrit Carla Bruni-Sarkozy...

  • Intro aux recettes

    23 mai 2010 ( #RECETTES )

    Le tofu Originaire de Chine où il est connu depuis des milliers d'années, il absorbe et restitue toutes les saveurs que vous voudrez bien lui donner, puisqu'il n'a par lui-même qu'un goût assez neutre. Disponible sous vide en supermarché, il est bien...

  • Au sujet des FIBRES alimentaires :

    24 mai 2010 ( #SANTE-HEALTH )

    Les fibres alimentaires sont les parties d'origine végétale non transformées par les enzymes de la digestion . Toutefois, elles sont indispensables au bon fonctionnement du transit intestinal . Nature des fibres alimentaires : Ce sont des substances résiduelles...

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