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To: Members in "The Cove" - Save Japan Dolphins


VIDEO REPORT FROM TAIJI: Cove supporters hit the ground running in 2011!


As you may know, volunteers from Save Japan Dolphins and several other nonprofit groups have had volunteers on the ground in Taiji since the hunts began Sept. 1. People who have taken their personal time and even spent their own money to go all the way to Japan to monitor and report back about what the fisherman are up to.

Right now the husband and wife team of Tim and Carrie Burns from Florida are back on behalf of Save Japan Dolphins. They were originally part of the 50 volunteers who went to Japan with us in Sept., the beginning of the hunting season.

While there haven’t been any dolphin kills in the last 15 days, Tim and Carrie did stumble upon another tragic situation: a dolphin they and other activists named “Misty” who was sickly and isolated in what was obviously a subpar tank. People on the ground captured footage, posted it on the internet and hundreds of you called demanding that Misty be cared for. And it worked. While not perfect, Misty has been moved to a cleaner tank with other dolphins.

Check out this video:

Another good friend of dolphins, Barbara Napoles, has established an online petition asking for rehab and release of Misty:

As long as we continue to allow the catching of dolphins for captivity, there will be far too many Mistys in tanks around the world.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is responsible for their own members – they need to kick aquariums out that do not treat dolphins well and that subsidize the dolphin drive hunts in Taiji and other places. But they won’t take action. Urge them to:

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