Urgent action - Communities in Ghana face homelessness and destitution

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Thousands of people living and working next to railway lines in Accra, Ghana could be forcibly evicted from their homes within days. Please sign our urgent petition to stop the evictions.


We have only until Monday 13th December to collect as many signatures as we can to put pressure on Ghana's Minister of Transport. So please take action now and tell your friends.


Some residents have lived along the railway in Accra for over 17 years. Ghanaian authorities have not provided any alternative housing to the residents, and have no plans to do so after the evictions. The residents face homelessness and destitution if they are forcibly evicted from their homes.


On 1 December, vans with megaphones visited the informal settlements ordering people to dismantle their homes and businesses and vacate the area within two weeks. The announcement warned that any structure not removed within two weeks would be demolished.


Previous demolitions have been accompanied by an excessive use of force by police and other security forces.


Your actions have previously contributed to stopping forced evictions in Zimbabwe, act now to support communities in Ghana by signing the petition.



Thank you,


Ghana Human Rights

Human Rights Concerns


General Country Conditions:

Following the election that brought in President John Evans Atta Mills to power, Amnesty International presented him human rights agenda articulating the outstanding human rights conditions that will help boost the human rights advances Ghana has made over the past decades.
The areas of urgent concern that Amnesty International included in the human rights agenda for Ghana are:
  • Abolition of the death penalty;
  • Significant reductions in the severe level of over-crowding in Ghana's prisons and other places of detention;
  • Eradicating the widespread violence against women and legislative reforms to ensure equal rights for men and women;
  • Stopping and preventing the practice of forced evictions that have deprived hundreds of men, women and children of their homes and, in most cases, livelihoods;
  • Ending illegal detention and ensuring prompt and fair trials for the thousands of prisoners awaiting trial — often for periods longer than the maximum sentence prescribed for their alleged offence;
  • Putting an end to mob violence, which has led to the killings of dozens of people in recent times;
  • Full compliance with Ghana's international and regional human rights obligations and commitments, as explicitly set out in the treaties it has ratified.



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