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Dear friends


So  many times  we have signed petitions, sent letters,  taken  actions against animals abuses in Thailand .

the list is sadly too long and it is not finish .

About CHATAWAK market /Weekend Market :

videos and Actions to take :

The unsold dogs and  pups in the market are sold for the meat trade .





 and Animal Prison In Thai Department Store Perfectly Legal

here :




 we can help today for :


the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill in Thailand


several infos ( petition included ) in my previous note here :



The fate of the animals in Thailand will be determined in a matter of few weeks. Please immediately ask President Chai Chidchob to push for the National Assembly to pass the first law against cruelty to animals in Thailand by adding your signature to the petition!


 PLS Download a copy of the petition here and ask for signatures

After signing, please submit the petition to,


take action here :

The bill criminalizes several abuses to animals and mandates welfare requirements for animals used in various industries. Without proper laws, it's very difficult for many local Thais to combat cruelty to animals and promote animal welfare. The bill will give police and prosecutors muscle in seeking justice for animals who have been abused.

 Animals in Thailand cannot afford any further delay.


You can help!


 *Personalized letters always work best. Feel free to use the following text, but your message will carry more weight if you write your own customized message and subject line.


*Please contact Thai officials and ask them to pass the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill now.

Animals deserve to be protected by the same legal system that we enjoy.


So, Urge the Thai Government to Pass the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill

here :


 Also here

*about animal cruelties and about dog meat trade :

Thailand  : Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives :

with your own personal messages :


Tourism Authority of Thailand

addies here :


About Thailand : and  Dog meat trade ( several links, just google Ta Rae dog meat  ) :one here

***It is believed in Vietnam that a frightened dog, who exerts adreniline, will produce meat that is good for the libido. This in turn fosters the cruelty towards the dogs by most being slwly beaten, their heads cracks by rocks and sticks. This is after traffickers cram dogs 10-deep into cages, seldom feeding them during long trips to Vietnam ....

MORE here :

*** About that  thai  dog  meat trade in Tarae :


 TARAE :Ta Rae is regionally known as a nerve center in Southeast Asia's stray dog meat trade.

Here, Northeast Thailand's seemingly infinite supply of wild dogs are corralled, graded, crammed into wire cages and prepped for export.

The destination: Vietnam, where demand for grilled dog ___sells for triple the price of pork___.


 *An exclusive career of the residents in Tarae is dog slaughter.

Sakon Nakorn and Thailand as a whole has been a target of international criticisms regarding exploitation of dogs and cats for meat and skin trades.

Actually, only dogs are the main victims of meat and skin trades in Thailand.

 Cat slaughter is said to be in Philippine.

*** Nevertheless, Thailand and China are two major exporters of dog skin, according to the US Humane Society finding in 1998.

***Poverty and tradition are often used as excuses for dog slaughter business.

At an average of 400-500 dogs a week, the number is preposterously too high for local meat consumption.

The real reason behind dog slaughter business can be  Dog Skin trades.


Thanks for your attention to this issue.


PLS share with your groups and friends




PLS join  the Facebook page about
Against Animal Abuses in THAILAND : Articles , Petitions and Actions to take . Raising Awareness about Thailand 's Use of Animals in Entertainment
A page with Newpapers articles, Notes, Blogs, Videos in many languages to alert travelers and tourists about the Animal Suffering and Exploitation .
THAILAND has all the possibilities to provide a respectful and friendly Tourism towards Animal and Environment , WITH compassionate Programs for a real Land of miles

***Animal cruelty can be a by-product of tourism.

Tiger Temple, Elephant Camps, CHATUCHAK Market , SAFARI World with Orangutan Kickboxing Shows , Crocodile or Snake Farms, Cockfighting, Cobra fighting , Exotic Meat Restaurants are several examples of terrible animal exploitation in the name of entertainment.

Thailand has an important DOG meat Trade also .
** If responsible tourists choose to spend their money on cruelty-free attractions, a change can result.

*** We are all responsible for ensuring that our actions abroad do not contribute to animal suffering.
Here :

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