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And  only two of  so many videos about  Animals used /abused for  Entertainment .....


Please read  ( watch the videos  )  this important Joanna  Kara 's note  and take actions  :


here  :  Thailand - Land of "Smiles" and Animal Cruelty
Protest Animal Cruelty - Boycott Thailand
Help Boost Thailand's First Animal Welfare Legislation
by Joanna K Ara

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Did you ever wanted to go on vacation in Thailand?
You heard Thailand is very beautiful country.
You know there are numerous turist attractions.
You are attracted from the good deals to go and spend your money.

At What Cost?

Do you think it is possible normaly a monkey to play on guitar,or boxing as Mike Tyson?
Do you think a tiger can lay on earth under the hot sun, tight with a chain, day and night ,welcoming thousands of tourists ?
Do you think an alligator is naturaly accepting a man to do acrobatics with him?
Do you see the suffer of a baby elephant thight in a cage,beaten with sticks just to be able to make you happy on his back?
Or its mother chained for decades to attract tourists?
Do you accept animal fights to be done only to take your money?

Yes? / No?

Watch and decide for yourself, do you still want to give your money to make animals suffer.

Watch Videos:



In Thailand, massive numbers of dogs are killed in the lucrative trade for dog flesh.
Sharks are killed in large numbers to be surved as soop.
Monkeys,Elephants and other animals are used to entertain turists for money.

Approximately 3,800 of the country’s estimated 5,000 endangered Asian elephants are in private hands. Most are used as tourist attractions in elephant camps where they are forced to perform circus tricks and give rides. PETA has uncovered the horrific torture that is routine in Thailand’s secret “training” camps. Still-nursing baby elephants are literally dragged from their mothers, kicking and screaming. They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These elephants are stabbed in the legs , back, heads, etc with bull hooks and left with major life-threatening wounds and huge extremely painful gashes all over their bodies. They are chained in tiny confined areas and left to suffer in the most severe pain.

Orangutans are pushed to extinction and could be extinct in the wild in several years. But in Thailand
they are used in a "spectacles".Dressed in shorts and boxing gloves, trading punches and spin-kicks in a boxing ring. Others, dressed in bikinis, are trained as round card girls and bell ringers.
The 250-lb apes jab and kick each other for tourists in a show lasting more than 30 minutes.
It’s not known how many orangutans have been captured and trained by Safari World.

09-20-2010 - Thailand's first animal welfare legislation, which is currently pending review and approval by the Thai government's Decree Office, is in trouble, and officials need a nudge to get it back on track

18/03/2011 - Support from celebrities helps boost animal-rights petition

Please Check Also Isa's (Isabella Parfenoff) Note and Take Action!:

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Petitions also here  :

Facebook  Page  about Thailand and Animal Abuses

Daily articles, videos , photos and *** many petitions :


***Against Animal Abuses in THAILAND : Articles , Petitions and Actions to take . Raising Awareness about Thailand 's Use of Animals in Entertainment

A page with Newpapers articles, Notes, Blogs, Videos in many languages to alert travelers and tourists about the Animal Suffering and Exploitation .
THAILAND has all the possibilities to provide a respectful and friendly Tourism towards Animal and Environment , WITH compassionate Programs for a real Land of Smiles :)

***Animal cruelty can be a by-product of tourism.

Tiger Temple, Elephant Camps, CHATUCHAK Market , SAFARI World with Orangutan Kickboxing Shows , Crocodile or Snake Farms, Cockfighting, Cobra fighting , Exotic Meat Restaurants are several examples of terrible animal exploitation in the name of entertainment.


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