Replacements for refined white sugar

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Sugar  :

*** some refined sugar is processed with animal bone char. :


Replacement for refined white sugar  / Natural sugar substitutes :


Agave nectar

Barley Malt Syrup

Rice Syrup

Maple Syrup


Date Sugar


Turbinado Sugar




also here :


And about Substituting *Agave ( you have an article on this blog about Agave ) nectar to other sugars here :


Few basic conversions to substitute for  * 1 C. of sugar :

***Agave nectar - 3/4 C. As this is a liquid you may need to reduce the other liquids that your recipe calls for.

***Maple syrup - 3/4 C. Reduce ther liquids by about 3 Tbs

***Brown Rice Syrup - 1 - 1 1/2 C. This is good for ha...rd or crunchy baked goods and has a slight caramel flavor

*Stevia -

1 tsp you may need to increase the other fluids slightly


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