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Brent Millikan
Amazon Program Director

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Yesterday morning, the Brazilian government illegally gave the green light for construction of the Belo Monte Dam.

Brazilians – including mainstream media personalities – are furious and are publicly demanding their government stop this disastrous, expensive, and unnecessary project.

Please add your voice in support of the Brazilians calling for cancellation of the Belo Monte Dam.

The government of new Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is off to a bad start, blatantly breaking the laws she recently swore an oath to uphold. As you read this, the Federal Public Prosecutor in Brazil is filing the 10th lawsuit against this project, in defense of the environmental procedures in Brazil's Constitution that clearly illustrate that the approval was granted illegally.

Please call your nearest Brazilian Consulate or Embassy and let them know that you stand with the Brazilian people – Belo Monte Dam must be stopped now!

For the people, water and life of the Amazon


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