Petition to sign :Protect the EU's Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

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Protect the EU's Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

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The European Union was on track to ban all animal-tested cosmetics – now they might be changing their minds. Please contact the European Commission and let them know: no delay, no compromise and no cosmetics tests on animals.

In a major victory for animals, the European Union agreed in 2003 to a ban on all animal tests for cosmetics and a complete ban on the sale of cosmetics products containing ingredients tested on animals. In 2009, the sales ban came into force, with exemptions for certain tests that were still permitted.  The final deadline to ban the marketing of every cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals is 11 March 2013, after which the shelves of every shop and internet supplier in Europe will be free of animal-tested cosmetics.

The sales ban means that not only are no cosmetics tests using animals now performed in Europe but also that non-EU companies hoping to export their products have to change their animal-testing ways too. That commercial pressure has driven the development of effective and humane non-animal test methods which can also be used for some drugs and other chemicals, stopping even more tests. Most importantly, the ban puts animals' lives and well-being before vanity.

But now the EU is considering delaying that 2013 deadline for years, perhaps even indefinitely. The European Commission recently held a "consultation" on technical aspects of the ban as a preliminary step to introducing a delay on the basis of claims that alternative methods haven't been perfected. Scandalously, that consultation sought only scientific information from experts on alternatives to animal tests, effectively excluding the millions of people who object to cosmetics testing on animals on compassionate and ethical grounds and who would rather not have yet another shampoo if it means animals will die.

If the Commission proposes postponing the 2013 deadline, it will wipe out the motivation for cosmetics companies to develop alternatives and will essentially put cosmetics before the lives of animals. That proposal would then have to be considered by MEPs in the European Parliament and the governments of all 27 EU member states. While they will have the power to reject it, there is no guarantee they will do so. Please take action today and contact the European Commissioner responsible, John Dalli, to let him know that the people of Europe want no delay, no compromise and no cosmetics tests on animals






Does animal experimentation save human lives?

More lives could be saved and suffering stopped by educating people on the importance of avoiding fat and cholesterol, the dangers of smoking, reducing alcohol and other drug consumption, exercising regularly, and cleaning up the environment than by all the animal tests in the world.

And, as George Bernard Shaw once said, "You do not settle whether an experiment is justified or not by merely showing that it is of some use. The distinction is not between useful and useless experiments, but between barbarous and civilized behavior." There are some medical problems that can probably only be cured by testing on unwilling people, but we don’t do it because we recognize that it would be wrong. We need to extend this same concern to other living, feeling beings, regardless of what species they may be.


How is a company certified as cruelty-free?

Listed companies have either signed PETA's statement of assurance or provided a statement verifying that they (and their suppliers) do not conduct or commission any nonrequired animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not do so in the future.


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April 2010

Less than one day after PETA and our international affiliates released online action alerts - accompanied by photos showing 50 terrified beagles as they were transported by global transport company Lufthansa to a laboratory in Scotland - Lufthansa announced a new policy prohibiting the transport of dogs and cats to laboratories. PETA is now working to persuade Lufthansa to extend its policy to animals of all species.

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