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January 6 :

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LAHORE, PAKISTAN —The governor of Pakistan’s Punjab’s province was murdered today by his own security guard, angered by the governor’s support of a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. According to CFI coworkers in Pakistan, “Governor Salman Taseer was murdered because of the blasphemy law as he tried to support Asia Bibi’s case. The guard surrendered himself and said that he only murdered Taseer because he was trying to favor Asia Bibi.”

CFI coworkers in Pakistan plead for urgent prayer. “There is a great havoc in the whole country and the condition here is so worse now for Christians. Roads are blocked and there is a great traffic jam here in Lahore. Oh, please keep praying for Christians in Pakistan.”

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the governor’s guard surrendered to police after the shooting, and told them he was angered by Taseer’s recent public endorsement of a pardon for a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.

That position had earned Taseer threats from Islamist parties, who held a strike last week against proposed changes to the nation’s controversial anti-blasphemy laws. Taseer stood by his stance, posting on Dec. 30 on his Twitter account: “I was under huge pressure sure 2 cow down b4 rightest pressure on blasphemy. Refused. Even if I’m the last man standing.”

CFI president Jim Jacobson, who recently visited Pakistan, said, “The situation for minority Christians in Pakistan is extremely bad. Extremists are attempting a systematic elimination of Christianity in the region.”



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