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Ivory Coast is on the brink of civil war, and chocolate companies could play a critical role in saving lives and bringing peace.

In November, former President Laurent Gbagbo lost democratic elections but is clinging to power despite united international pressure, ruling through his brutal army that has killed hundreds. Cocoa is the country's largest export, and if chocolate companies stop doing business with Gbagbo now, his cash supply to the army could dry up -- and he could be forced to step down.

This situation could spiral into all-out war within days. Let’s flood our favourite brands with messages to suspend trade with Gbagbo now and commit to working only with the legitimate government. Click to send a message directly to leading companies -- and we will publish which companies have cut their financial ties to Gbagbo.

These are the companies that our messages are going to:
ADM, Barry-Callebaut, Blommer, Cadbury, Caobisco, Cargill, Cémoi, Cipexi, European Cocoa Association, Federation for Cocoa Commerce, Ferrero, Hershey’s, Kraft, M&M/Mars, National Confectioners Association, Nestlé, Olam, Outspan Ivoire, Pronibex, Révillon, Unilever, Valrhona, World Cocoa Foundation







Now take another step: post to the chocolate companies' Facebook pages!

You can copy paste the message below into the comment box, or leave your own -- the more personalized your comment is, the better. (You'll have to "Like" their page before you're able to leave a comment.)


Message :

Ivory Coast is on the brink of a war that could cause unspeakable bloodshed. Please end your company's trade with Laurent Gbagbo and his forces and immediately and publicly commit to working only with President Alassane Ouattara's democratically elected government. Gbagbo relies on revenues and tariffs from cocoa exports to finance his repressive troops perpetuating his illegal grip on power. Millions of Ivorians risked their lives to vote last month. Your urgent action now could tip the balance towards democracy and save lives."




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