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It was undoubtedly the League Against Cruel Sports' proudest moment when the culmination of eighty years' campaigning brought about the Hunting Act in 2004, protecting wildlife from the savagery and cruelty of the hunt.

However, despite the consigning of their 'sport' to the history books, the hunters are now stepping up their efforts to have the Hunting Act repealed.  Moreover, some politicians want to repeal the hunting ban despite 75% of the public being in favour of keeping it. 

Over recent months, the League has worked tirelessly to establish how every single Member of Parliament would vote if offered a free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act. With a new House of Commons, the hunters are already going to extraordinary lengths to lobby MPs to support repeal of the Hunting Act.

Our national Keep Cruelty History campaign aims to convince as many people as possible that the Hunting Act must stay.  The campaign aims to highlight the fact that some politicians want to bring back hunting with dogs in spite of overwhelming public opinion that all forms of hunting should remain illegal.

In May 2010, we published our annual Hunting Report, which covers the 2009-2010 hunting season. It demonstrates that whilst a hardcore element in the hunting community continue to flout the law, the Hunting Act is working well and there have been almost 140 convictions under the Act.

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Here is your weekly email with the three simple ways you can help our campaigning work.


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Video Blog: 

In this week’s video blog we look back at the success of the Christmas Fayre in London, you can find out about our parliamentary breakfast briefing co-hosted by Conservatives Against Foxhunting and Brian May, and we reflect on the end of the grouse and ptarmigan season.

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Take Action:

In June 2010 Stormont made the decision to ban hare coursing. The League is still concerned that there is no ban on poaching the Irish hare and hare hunting which are all interlinked with this cruel sport. Please ask your MLA to vote in favour of permanent protection. If you don’t live in Northern Ireland you can participate in our many other online actions.

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Something to Read: 

In the news this week musician Steven Morrissey defended a tweet by his former song writing partner who bemoaned Prime Minister David Cameron for his penchant for the music of The Smiths. In his 1,224 word blog piece Morrissey discussed his concern over the PM’s desire to repeal the Hunting Act.

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From the blog: 

In this week's blog our Chief Executive discusses the government's hypocritical approach to animal welfare legislation. Whilst claiming that no scientific evidence exists to prove what is and what isn't a sufficiently enriched cage for a gamebird, the government is simultaneously ignoring strong scientific evidence that a badger cull would not limit the spread of Bovine TB.


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