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PETA Against racing



I share this Alert from PETA


This beautiful thoroughbred mare is Coming Home.

When she was born in 2005, her owners must have hoped that she would be as fleet-footed as her grandfather, Kentucky Derby winner Unbridled, or her cousin Eight Belles. But just last week,

Coming Home was hours away from a trip to the slaughterhouse—until PETA intervened. Our undercover investigator captured video footage of the livestock auction where Coming Home was just another of the 20,000 thoroughbreds who will be discarded by the racing industry this year alone. Roughly 10,000 of these horses will be sent to a painful and terrifying death in Mexican or Canadian slaughterhouses.

PETA investigators also went undercover inside the breeding barns at Darley America in Kentucky, one of the world's most expensive thoroughbred breeding facilities. Some of the 30,000 foals born in the US every year are bred at Darley. But the owners who shell out hundreds of thousands for stud fees can't be bothered to provide for these beautiful animals once their racing days are over.

PETA has saved Coming Home, who will spend the rest of her days on a spacious ranch. Now it's time for the racing industry to do its part for the rest of the horses. We have asked the Jockey Club to implement our Thoroughbred 360 Lifecycle Fund, which would require owners and breeders to pay a $360 fee for new foal registrations, ownership transfers, and stallion or broodmare registrations. It's affordable, and it would generate more than $20 million every year for the retirement of racehorses.

Learn more about the racing industry's lethal practices and please join us in making sure that every racehorse, like Coming Home, has a place to come home to.

Thank you for all that you do to help animals.

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Please help us end this deadly cycle. PETA has asked the Jockey Club to implement the Thoroughbred 360 Lifecycle Fund. This plan would require owners and breeders to pay a $360 fee for new foal registrations, ownership transfers, and stallion or broodmare registrations and would generate more than $20 million every year toward the retirement of racehorses.

Please sign the petition to the Jockey Club in support of a mandatory retirement fund for former racers.


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Save ‘Retired’ Racehorses From a Painful Death in Slaughterhouses

Coming Home is one of 20,000 thoroughbreds discarded by the horse-racing industry every single year. The granddaughter of Kentucky Derby winner Unbridled and cousin of Eight Belles, this 6-year-old thoroughbred was sold to a meat buyer at auction when she was "retired" from racing. PETA rescued her just hours before slaughter. But 10,000 other thoroughbreds won't escape.


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