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Updated october 19 : Last sad new :


About TAIJI dolphin massacres  : if we can not sop this , how can we stop the others massacres ??


 news : 6 October 2010  = Two of the Dolphins captured in Taiji  are now at a Dolphinarium in Japan :


One killer Whale died on Oct 4th (Orlando-see below) and these dolphins  are now jailed...

 About the whale :


__How to help :


***  About the Dolphinarium :

Please CALL  and ask to speak with someone in English-or FAX a  letter

 at Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe Japan :

Contact form :

 ( Tel in KOBE :TEL 078-731-7301)


Tel: with your international code  81-78-731-7301   Or  Fax: 81-78-733-6333S


To send a letter by post  : Address : Kobe Municipal Suma Aqualife Park, 1-3-5 Wakamiya-cho, Suma-ku, Kobe, 654-0049, Japan,



To contact the Manager  Mr Toshio DOI Tel: +81–78–731–7301; Fax: +81–78–733–6333


E-mail address:


About Mr DOI :


 *** and one thing is very important : It is to  speak about Taiji  -

so PLS post this link into your comments or into your letter :


*** To sign this petition from

here :


*** To support this site and to share the informations and the petition.


*** You can contact by emails :

_ here the list of all the aquariums in Japan :

 _ Usa Marine Biological Institute, Kochi University, Tosa, Kochi, 781-1164, Japan,



Against  the dolphins massacres in Taiji Cove :


 *** Please contact the japanese embassies in your country   :

 and do not forget to put the link about the Cove.


*** Here 2 important notes with all  the petitions to sign

Thanks to Anne H/:


More petitions and links :


and not only in Japan :(((


If you are on Facebook you will find many pages and group suporting the Dolphins and the Whales


About The COVE :


* Mr R. O BARRY :'Barry

*The Cove :



  Here the message i sent on the contact form

Contact form :

And by FAX


 here what i sent :
I am shocked to learn that dolphins
were still added to your aquarium
how many dolphins killed to catch these two unfortunated.
Taiji is a shame
...A bloody shame for Japan!

thank you for taking into consideration that the international community is outraged by what is happening in your country and in your aquarium
thank you





どのようにイルカは、これら2つの不幸をキャッチして殺 すために。
...国際社会はあなたの国で何が起こっているかによって、あ なたの水槽の中に激怒されていることを考慮してくれてありがとう
イザのP. P.


  Where is Greenpeace? WWF? PETA?




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CLEOPHA 06/10/2010 22:26

Chère Isabella,

Merci pour cet excellent article  sur nos frères les dauphins, que chaque jour nous maltraitons sur cette planète alors qu'ils représentent notre vraie richesse !

J'ai signé bien sûr les 3 pétitions


Isabella-Vegan-♥ 13/10/2010 09:35

Merci Cleopha♥