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Our kids :)))

HOW to incorporate the things most kids enjoy eating.:))

Below are some suggestions for things most vegan children will enjoy and will ensure that he has a well balanced and varied diet:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Chicken-Free nuggets (soy protein nuggets that taste just like breaded chicken)
Baked french fries with ketchup
Burgers, hot dogs and sandwich slices made of tofu and other meat substitutes
Whole wheat bread (3-4 slices each day)
Grilled soy cheese sandwiches
Mashed potatoes
Veggie pizzas with soy cheese
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
Pancakes with agave, rice syrup ,pure maple syrup, ... 
Waffles with fruit
Barley and vegetable soup
Romaine lettuce salad
Vegetables, including green leafy and deep yellow vegetables
Baked potato with broccoli and tofu sour cream (non dairy)
Rice and beans
Vegetable stew
Spinach lasagna
Calcium-fortified orange juice
Calcium-fortified soy milk (3 cups each day).
Iron-fortified cereal with calcium-fortified soy milk
supplements: a vegan multivitamin to provide Vitamin B12 and zinc, and extra iron and calcium

Fruits, cut up into bite sized pieces for children under 4 (4-5 1/2 cup servings with at least 2 servings of citrus fruit or juice each day)
Trail mix
Fresh berries and sorbet (all fruit without sugar)
Fruit smoothies
Vegans can't eat white sugar, and most candy is made with it.
But there are some vegan chocolate companies that make some good stuff, and a gummy bear substitute that isn't bad made with fruit juice.
Vegan cakes, donuts, cookies, and pies are abundant though.


It's important that a vegan child not feel different just because their diet may not be shared by those around them.

****During holidays it's wise to find vegan equivalents to favorite holiday treats.

For example, a vegan Easter basket can include vegan chocolate eggs and plastic eggs with coins in them.

Halloween can be tough, but one idea is to get together with other vegan parents and have a Halloween party.
Let the kids dress up in costume and enjoy activities like bobbing for apples.
Serve vegan cupcakes and confections in the shapes of monsters, and carve pumpkins too.

With a little forethought and creativity, a vegan child can enjoy the same holidays non-vegan children do.

Raising a vegan child is just as exciting,
rewarding, and filled with challenges as raising any child.
But providing your child a vegan diet will give him an early start on leading a long and healthy life.



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The small social challenges that can arise from raising vegetarian kids around meat-eating families can be handled easily with a little planning. If your child is going to a nonvegetarian birthday party, call the parents ahead of time and briefly discuss your child's diet. If they won't have vegan food there, offer to take over some frozen veggie burgers to microwave and a vegan dessert for the kids to share. We have lots of easy dessert recipes to choose from, or pick up some Tofutti Cuties or pre-packaged vegan baked goods.

If your child's school cafeteria only serves items loaded with greasy cheese and processed meats, you can either pack a lunch at home or take action and work with the school to develop vegetarian selections. Explain to school officials that vegetarian food is much healthier for students.


Filling your plate with meat, dairy products, and eggs could be a recipe for heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and even impotence. Leading health experts agree that going vegan is the single best thing we can do for ourselves and our families.

Healthy vegan diets support a lifetime of good health and provide protection against numerous diseases, including our country's three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

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