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1 : Amnesty Int


The crackdown on freedoms is intensifying across Egypt as security forces use tear gas, water cannons, live rounds and lethal force against protesters


Thirty years of repression is spilling out onto the streets of Egypt in the forms of tear-gas, blood and bitter demonstrations.

For four days, Egyptian protestors have suffered at the hands of President Mubarak's security forces.

At least 14 protestors have been killed and scores more have been injured. The crackdown on freedoms is intensifying as authorities have cut all Internet and phone communications.

There's no telling how long the violence will continue or how many people will suffer in the end.

The number one request we're hearing from our fellow Egyptian activists is to have their voices heard at various Egyptian embassies and consulates.

We intend to do all we can to make that happen, but Egyptian authorities are making it very difficult. 

Our emails are not getting through and it will take far too long for our letters to reach anyone who can make a difference.

That is why we're asking you to place an urgent call to the Egyptian embassy (202) 895-5400 and dial "1" to speak to a real person about the State of Emergency in Egypt.

Ask the person who answers the call to pass on this important message – and don't take "no" for an answer:

"Please urge the Egyptian government to respect human rights, rein in the security forces, and restore access to all communications in Egypt."

Help us make the Egyptian embassy's phone ring off the hook! Then tell us how your call went.

Three decades of living under the harsh and oppressive State of Emergency is unacceptable.

The people of Egypt deserve to have their voices heard and to organize peacefully. They deserve human rights.




@Ricken Patel -
Millions of brave Egyptians are right now facing a fateful choice. Thousands have been jailed, injured or killed in the last few days. But if they press on in peaceful protest, they could end decades of tyranny.

The protesters have appealed for international solidarity, but the dictatorship knows the power of unity at a time like this – they’ve desperately tried to cut Egyptians off from the world and each other by completely shutting down the internet and mobile networks.

Satellite and radio networks can still break through the regime blackout -- let’s flood those airwaves with a massive cry of solidarity showing Egyptians that we stand with them, and that we’ll hold our governments accountable to stand with them too. The situation is at a tipping point -- every hour counts -- click below to sign the solidarity message, and forward this email:

People power is sweeping the Middle East. In days, peaceful protesters brought down Tunisia’s 30-year dictatorship. Now the protests are spreading to Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and beyond. This could be the Arab world's Berlin Wall moment. If tyranny falls in Egypt, a tidal wave of democracy could sweep the entire region.

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has tried to crush the rallies. But with incredible bravery and determination, the protesters keep coming.

There are moments when history is written not by the powerful, but by people. This is one of them. The actions of ordinary Egyptians in the coming hours will have a massive effect on their country, the region, and our world. Let’s cheer them on with our own pledge to stand with them in their struggle:

Mubarak’s family has left the country, but last night he ordered the military into the streets. He’s ominously promised 0 tolerance for what he calls ‘chaos’. Either way, history will be made in the next few days. Let’s make this the moment that shows every dictator on our planet that they cannot stand long against the courage of people united.

With hope and admiration for the Egyptian people,
Ricken, Rewan, Ben, Graziela, Alice, Kien and the rest of the Avaaz team

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3  : CARE2
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Egyptian authorities have detained and beaten journalists and photographers, shut down the websites of two independent Egyptian newspapers and blocked access to social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Egypt must stop this violence against the media and end its censorship of the people. Tell President Mubarak to stop the violence and allow the Egyptian people to exercise their right to free speech.

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