Dying for a cup of tea?

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Dying for a cup of tea?


 The animals used in the cruel tea tests conducted by the company that makes Lipton teas are. The tea giant has caused animals to suffer and die simply to investigate the possible health benefits linked to tea products and ingredients.

*** Experimenters have infected piglets with E. coli and cut their intestines apart while the animals were still alive, inflicted brain damage on rats, and caused rabbits to develop abnormally high cholesterol levels and hardened arteries, after which the animals' heads were cut off. Not one of these experiments is legally required.

We need your help to put an end to these cruel and painful tests!  




Please click here to urge the makers of Lipton to ditch their crueltea to animals and join other brands—like Honest Tea, Twinings, Stash Tea, Luzianne Tea, and others—that use cruelty-free research methods.


PETA needs your help to urge the maker of PG tips, Lipton and other teas to stop experimenting on animals. Hundreds of rabbits, piglets, mice and rats have suffered and died in tests – just so that this company can make health claims about its teas. .

The tests that the makers of PG tips, Lyons and Liptons teas conducted and supported on animals include the following:

Rabbits were fed a high-fat, cholesterol-laden diet, leading to extreme hardening of the arteries. They were then fed tea to see if it could reduce the lesions that had formed on the animals' arteries. After the experiment, the rabbits' heads were cut off.

Mice bred to suffer from a painful bowel inflammation were fed tea ingredients in order to see if the tea had any effect on their condition. After the test, experimenters killed the mice by suffocating them or breaking their necks.

Piglets were exposed to E. coli toxins and then fed tea in order to see if the tea could prevent fluid loss and diarrhoea. As part of the test, experimenters cut the pigs' intestines apart. The pigs were then killed.

Not one of these experiments is legally required for beverage makers, and European and US regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove a health claim about a product. Modern, cruelty-free research methods are available and are in use by other leading beverage companies around the world. 

We need you to speak up for the animals who are tortured and killed for tea. Please urge the makers of PG tips to stop testing and funding tests on animals.

Thank you for your compassion for all animals.

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Cleopha calineka 16/12/2010 18:24

Hello ma soeur de combat, merci pour cette pétition (moi aussi je l'ai postée traduite) et je me félicite de ne pas aimer le thé, par contre, il est capital d'informer les consommateurs de cette
boisson, car ces tests cruels sont INADMISSIBLES !! J'en suis malade de rage ! Merci pour cet article, bisous


Isabella-Vegan-♥ 16/12/2010 18:45

Merci à toi♥

je ne savais pas pour Lipton :( c'est horrible ( j'ai partagé partout )

Je bois du thé et je vais dès à présent prendre les décisions qui s'imposent :boycotter toutes les marques qui suivent l'exemple de cet odieux leader c'est à dire LIPTON!

je vais m'informer sur les autres marques ( si je trouve ) si tu as des infos elles sont bienvenues, comme tout ce qui vient de toi.

des milliions  de personnes consomment des produits à base de thé Lipton :(

tu me manques sur FB :((

mais je comprends :)