Do you know what does mean corrective rape ?

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 Corrective rape" is a criminal practice, whereby men rape lesbian women, purportedly as a means of "curing" the woman of her sexual orientation.

The term "corrective rape" was first used in the early 2000s by human rights non-governmental organisations to describe rapes committed against South African lesbians. A notable attack of this kind came in 2008 when Eudy Simelane, a member of the South Africa women's national football team and a vocal LGBT-rights activist in South Africa, was gang raped and murdered in KwaThema, Gauteng.

A November 2008 report by the NGO ActionAid and the South African Human Rights Commission called for the creation of legislation to specifically target hate crimes, including corrective rape

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According to a survey for the period 1998–2000 compiled by the United Nations, South Africa was ranked first for rapes per capita. In 1998, one in three of the 4,000 women questioned in Johannesburg was raped, according to CIET Africa.

More than 25% of a sample of 1,738 South African men from the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces admitted when anonymously questioned to raping someone; of those, nearly half said they had raped more than one person, according to a non-peer reviewed policy brief issued by the Medical Research Council (MRC) . Several news publications extrapolated these results to the rest of the South African population.

 Nearly three out of four who admitted rape stated they had first forced a woman or girl into sex before the age of 20, and nearly one in ten admitted doing so before the age of 10.

The humanitarian news organisation IRIN claims that an estimated that 500,000 rapes are committed annually in South Africa, but does not provide a source for this figure.



South Africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world, with more than 54,000 sexual assaults reported each year (and again, those are only the ones reported). 

And according to one BBC article,

rape has become almost a game for many South African men - so much so that celebrated terms have popped up to crown a man who initiates a gang rape.  Which might explain why 1 in 4 men have admitted to being involved in rape, a figure thta seems to defy comprehension.



The heinous crime of "Corrective Rape" is prolific in South Africa, especially in the "townships". Corrective Rape is a terminology used wherein a male rapes a lesbian with the aim of turning her heterosexual! Most of the victims are also tortured, grievously assaulted and sometimes murdered! they are also prone to getting HIV/AIDS from the assault, and many of them commit suicide as a result of the "corrective rape"!

The SA Government and the SA Justice System is failing these victims of Corrective Rape by letting the perpetrators out on ridiculously low bail, and taking literally years to bring the court-cases to a conclusion. In the meantime the victims have to live with seeing their rapists every day, being taunted and threatened by them, as are those who help the victims!

Hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognised by South African law!

In the last 10 years:
 *31 lesbian women have been murdered because of their sexuality
 *More than 10 lesbians a week are raped or gang raped in Cape Town alone
 *150 women are raped every day in South Africa
 *For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free

We call on the SA Government to declare "Corrective Rape" a Hate-Crime that is punishable by the harshest sentences!




Lesbians are targeted and terrorised in townships across the country. Some young men believe lesbians should be raped to correct their homosexuality. Others beat and kick them, accusing them of “stealing their girlfriends”. 3rd Degree told the harrowing stories of several women on the east rand, whose lives have been ripped apart by intolerant and violent thugs.

But it’s not only township youths who perpetuate this violence. 3rd Degree also revealed how some members of the SAPS are complicit in the hatred and intolerance. Homophobia is rampant and many men are vocal about their hate for lesbians. One man told us, “These gay things should be killed.”Lesbian women are being assualted, raped and murdered daily in South Africa and then have to face the perpetrators daily in the areas where they live. The South African Judicial system is letting these victims down by taking years to complete the court-cases, and in the meantime these women have to face their rapists daily and endure many insults and threats to their lives whilst their rapists walk free in the same areas they live.




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