BNP nuclear investments in BRAZIL

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Brazilian samba dancers target BNP Paribas at tennis final for its nuclear investments

Photo | November 14, 2010


November 14, 2010

BNP Paribas' plans to finance a dangerously obsolete nuclear reactor in Angra, Brazil took centre court at the end of the Paris Masters tennis final between Robin Soderling and Gael Monfils. Four Brazilian activists danced the samba onto the court wearing sashes that called on BNP Paribas to stop its radioactive investments.

The banking group is playing with Brazilian safety by considering funding the Angra 3 reactor, which meets no international safety standards and would never be built in Europe. Financing Angra 3 would be a clear misuse of BNP customers’ money and the public should demand that the bank uses that money to endorse a race to a safe renewable energy future rather than endorsing an obsolete, dirty and dangerous energy source.

See the costs of the Angra nuclear reactor in images - and tell BNP: Don't fund Angra 3!


Tell BNP Paribas to stop radioactive investments!

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