Ask Hermés to stop killing animals for cold-blooded vanity

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*** Please tell Hermès that if it really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should ban the use of exotic skins in its products!!!

Although most people aren't as familiar with animals like snakes and alligators as they are with cats and dogs, these animals suffer every bit as much when beaten, abused, and killed.

Did you know that millions of snakes, alligators, and other reptiles are slaughtered in horrific ways each year just to be turned into accessories?

High-end fashion house Hermès

Hermes breeds own crocodiles in Australia:

continues to sell the skin of dead exotic animals in its collections:

High-end fashion house Hermès continues to use exotic-animal skins in its designs, despite the cruelty and suffering that alligators, crocodiles, lizards, and snakes must endure in order for the company to produce a single shoe or bag.

Millions of reptiles are slaughtered each year so that their skins can be turned into accessories. Animals used for their skins are often skinned alive or bludgeoned to death with blunt objects.
Animal welfare is simply not a consideration for those who hunt, poach, and factory-farm these animals. Famed actor Joaquin Phoenix exposes the cold-blooded cruelty of the exotic-skins trade in a shocking new PETA video.
In the video footage, live snakes are nailed to trees by their heads, and alligators are bludgeoned with metal bats before their skin is torn off their bodies.

( you can see the video on the petition link)

Nike, H&M, and have already agreed not to sell exotic-animal skins. With so many stylish and cruelty-free alternatives available, such as fake snake and mock croc, there's no excuse for using animal skins.

Please take a moment to tell Hermès that if the company really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should stop killing animals for cold-blooded vanity.


***PLEASE send that perfect Stacey letter to HERMES/Ty:

To Whom It Concerns,

I am shocked to discover that Hermes sells products made from the skin and fur of non-human animals, of whom include pythons, crocodiles, ostrich, and other "exotic" animals; due to the inherently-brutal industries of fur and skin farming, any products derived from the suffering and killing of animals should be rejected, and I am respectfully requesting that you discontinue profiting off the exploitation of animals.

Allow me to illustrate your contribution to the violent practice of animal farming by sharing particular characteristics: tens of millions of animals are subjected to the most exploitative rituals and torturous conditions as practiced by the skin and fur industries. In accordance with established protocols, these industries condemn animals to horrific environments and methods of death including the deliberate skinning alive, anal and genital electrocution, and gassing, all selected to impart the least damage to fur pelts and skin. Contrary to industry publications meant to cultivate an appeal to vanity or luxury, however, the standardized policies regarding animals bred and killed for fur and skin additionally include housing in substandard enclosures where animals live in diseased conditions, inadequate nutrition, and an environment where animals pace relentlessly due to illness, boredom, and pain. Because these animals are either caught in barbaric traps or bred to be killed, any comforts are considered cost-prohibitive and thus denied.

Let me take this opportunity to express the danger and unethical nature of regarding animals as commodities. Non-human animals possess sentience and have the capacity for thought; like human animals, they experience emotions including love, fear, pain, and agony. Humans have adopted a superior attitude, elevating ourselves above all other beings and rationalizing our treatment of them using this egotistical status, but it is unjust for humans to mistakenly claim superiority based on these biased judgments. Indeed, when we define animals based on human potential, we fail to acknowledge their inherent importance and value; rather than exposing differences, we need to confirm likenesses, including their ability to suffer, feel joy, loneliness, and pain. Selling fur and skin derived from the fundamentally-inhumane business of fur and skin farming is, in fact, a promotion of severe animal cruelty, and although legal, is unethical and a representation of a disassociation with all sentient beings; approving such animal cruelty desensitizes society to the suffering of animals, which inevitably leads to immunity from human cruelty, and while you continually engage in this violent business, it will be necessary for me to boycott Hermes and share this information with other concerned consumers. As such, I ask that you reject complicity and refuse to profit off the exploitation of animals; your extension of compassion rather than apathy would serve as a model and would subsequently prove both morally and financially beneficial.

Thank you for your time regarding this urgent issue.

__***HERMES on line:contacts

___ These collections of corpses are made by keeping animals in filthy conditions before stabbing or beating them in an attempt to kill them.

Sadly, this torture often only paralyzes them, and they are alive when their skin is torn off their bodies.

We need you to speak up for animals who are tortured and skinned for fashion.

Thank you for your compassion for all animals.

AND Ask THE SAME THING to : LOUBOUTIN/JIMMY CHOO/BURBERRY!/notes/isabella-poliakov-parfenoff/no-exotic-skinsplease-join-joaquin-and-send-christian-louboutin-jimmy-choo-a-let/379922198854


Hermès élève des crocodiles en Australie pour avoir la matière première nécessaire à la fabrication d'accessoires dont ses clients sont friands

Dernière nouvelle :6 avril
L'organisation de défense des animaux PETA a appelé mardi 6 avril à Jakarta le groupe de luxe français Hermès à cesser d'utiliser des peaux d'animaux exotiques, comme les serpents et les lézards, qui sont parfois dépecés vivants en Indonésie.
La fondation américaine connue pour sa lutte contre le port de la fourrure a présenté à la presse une vidéo qui, affirme-t-elle, a été tournée en 2009 dans une douzaine de sites de production de peaux destinées notamment à Hermès. Elle montre des lézards mourir lentement, la gorge tranchée, ainsi que des serpents et de jeunes crocodiles dont la peau est découpée alors qu'ils sont vivants.

"Nous appelons Hermès à se comporter comme un véritable leader de l'industrie du luxe et à garantir le bien-être des animaux", a déclaré Ashley Fruno, responsable pour l'Asie de PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

L'Indonésie est l'un des principaux pays fournisseurs de peaux utilisées dans la fabrication de sacs ou de produits de maroquinerie, selon PETA.

"Les lois de protection des animaux y sont faibles et elles sont difficiles à faire respecter", a indiqué Mme Fruno. "Il est aisé de chasser les animaux exotiques dans les régions rurales" de l'immense archipel.

De ce fait, "la seule façon de lutter contre ce trafic est de supprimer la demande", a-t-elle estimé.

Selon PETA, plusieurs grandes marques, comme Nike ou H&M, ont accepté de ne plus fabriquer de produits utilisant la peau d'animaux exotiques

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