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Unfortunately, the Worldwide Web is not controlled or regulated centrally. There is not, therefore, any central authority to which we can complain.


One of the key problems is the international nature of the Internet.


In addition, it is increasingly easy for individuals to set up websites quickly and cheaply.


Many of these disturbing images ( videos )originate in countries such as the USA and Russia where there is no regulation.

The authorities concentrate on providing resources for investigating extreme pornography and child pornography on the internet,


***  sadly there are currently no really resources available for investigating animal cruelty.


Unless it is found that the images originate in the UK,USA, Europe ,  we do not know where to  have the manpower or resources to carry out the extensive investigation that would be required.


Most of these criminal people are experts at covering their tracks and will provide the internet service provider (ISP) with false details.


These people can also easily remove the websites overnight, and then re-introduce them on the internet under another name at a later date.

Specialist knowledge is required to carry out investigations into internet crime, which sadly several organizations  do not currently have.


 As  charity association  several organizations  with limited funds   have a responsibility to use  funds wisely and to concentrate on issues that they are uniquely equipped to deal with, namely the work of their  inspectors in the field and prosecutions.

Organizations  also help other domestic animals and wildlife needing their  assistance.


You may be aware that animal welfare legislation has now been updated everywhere.


The Animal Right Organizations  and Activists  lobbied the government hard to include in the new legislation an offence dealing with possession, publication and distribution of images of animal cruelty on the internet and other media.


Some  governments finally agreed to include such an offence in relation to images of animal fights but, unfortunately, would not extend to other forms of cruelty.


However, we will continue to raise the issue whenever an opportunity to do so arises or can be created.


 If you feel strongly about this issue, you can support  the by writing to your MP to ask for the law to be changed so that the regulation of animal cruelty on the internet can be improved.


*** Organizations  would always advise members of the public to avoid looking at the type of websites that show these shocking videos and pictures.


They know that , there is a great deal of competition between these sites, so they are always looking to show increasingly shocking material to outdo their competitors.


***The more hits they have on their site, the happier they will be.

***Some organizations warns :IMPORTANT :


"Therefore, it is extremely important that you try to avoid the type of websites which are designed to shock people. Looking at these sites will only serve to fuel the market further. "




For further information on the difficulties of investigating internet crime, you may wish to visit the

 Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) website:


We very much hope that the regulation of the Internet will improve in the future.


As Org  have explained regrettably there is very little that they/we can do at the present time


 but we have to continue sending reports .


 PLEASE , if you can , do not share on your wall




* About Facebook members ' album photos showing abuses  or their crush videos, 


1_keep all evidences : photos , names and links in your computer,

 2_then send your reports first to Organizations  and  after to FB .



We have to keep on  mind to not increasing  their audience as well,

 increasing  these psychopaths pleasure  and may be pushing them to produce more films and make even more terrible tortures)


So try keeping  site links where to report animal abuses ( all kind of animal  cruelty ).


 If you do not mind working with blogs , you can keep into your files :  my  2 articles where i have listed all organizations  that can help and how reporting , easier to find  when needed :


 English :


French & english




*about Dog Fighting :


Thank you for your attention .



PLS Keep on mind :


  • Do not contact the website. The author isn't interested in how you feel about him and what he is doing, and he will likely get a rise out of the attention*.


  • Do not send emails to all of your friends and associates telling them about the site. Doing so would be promoting the site and, thusly, giving them what they want -- attention. It is what they crave and you would only be fueling their fire. Don't give them any satisfaction.


  • Contact the company that hosts the website to let them know about the abusive content.

 If the content is in violation of the company's term of service, they may be willing to cancel or suspend the site owner's account until the content is removed.


 Read more: Pet-Abuse.Com - Reporting Cruel Websites


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