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Message@Justin Goodman
Associate Director
Laboratory Investigations Department / People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


Last week, 

 an e-mail  was sent by  PETA asking that  people  contact officials at Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC) and urge them to halt an animal lab scheduled for February 14, 2011.

Shockingly, PCMC still intends to carry out this harmful exercise in which cats will have hard plastic tubes forced down their delicate windpipes for intubation training—even though modern, superior simulators are available and widely used across the country for this very purpose.

With time running out, we urgently need your voice on Facebook to convince PCMC to make the compassionate choice and stop tormenting animals once and for all!

Help cats now by leaving a polite comment on PCMC's Facebook page (you must first "Like" PCMC's page). Ask the medical center to replace the use of animals for these cruel training exercises with modern infant simulators.


Then be sure to keep the pressure on PCMC by sharing the page with your friends and asking them to speak out against PCMC's cruelty.

Thank you for taking action for animals in labs!


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