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Des chaussures compensées ( bon, c'est pas pour marcher tous les jours, courrir apès le bus, descendre les marchs du métro ou aller en... vélo _lol_)




What’s not to love about platform wedges?


 These shoes make your legs look longer and your body thinner, and they make your posture better too!


And on top of all that, vegan wedges hurt your feet, animals, and the Earth much less than ones made from the skins of animals.


Did you know that turning animal skin into leather :http://www.cowsarecool.com/environment.asp


requires enormous amounts of hazardous chemicals? Many people who work in or live near tanneries are dying of cancer caused by exposure to toxic substances used to process and dye leather.


Yep, wearing leather hurts the environment, the people who produce it, and most of all, the animals it’s taken from. But luckily, there are trendy and cruelty-free alternatives. So get your height on without being cruel, breaking the bank, and destroying the planet!


Check out my top picks (below) for vegan wedges this summer. Oh, and FYI—each of the designer shoes on the left used to have a face, while the oh-so-similar vegan alternatives are on the right. Now which pair should I buy?


These ankle wrap wedges can be either fatal—or fatale!




Fatal: Double-Buckle Espadrille by
Michael Kors $645





Strappy gladiator wedges come in two styles: “used to moo” and “make you coo.”




Moo: Roma Ledge Wedges by
Cynthia Vincent $350.00




*** Companies That Sell Some Leather and Fur Alternatives:




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